Maintenance Service

Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Service

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your Mercedes in its best condition and retain its value. With over 60 years of expertise, no one can service your Mercedes better than Zung Fu, we have designed Service plan A and B to delicately take care of your vehicles with same-day car return.

Our Commitments:
- Price starting from $2,980
- up to 70 check point inspection#
- Car return in same day*

We are also offering an express service in weekends which allows your regular vehicle maintenance to be completed in just 80 minutes*.

Special privileges
- Enjoy a 10% discount and 2 complimentary engine cleaning service sessions with your purchase of 2 Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Service sessions.
- Enjoy a 15% discount and 3 complimentary engine cleaning service sessions with your purchase of 3 Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Service sessions.

Should you wish to obtain details, please contact us during office hours at 2504 6140.

*With no repair work required
#Scope of maintenance service B

Book a Service Maintenance Service Price List

Current Promotion

Brake pad, front from HK$1,334 up
Brake pad, Rear from HK$ 1,109 up
Brake disc, front from HK$1,025 up
Brake disc, Rear from HK$1,454 up
Starter Battery (part + labour) from HK$ 1,286 up
Auxiliary Battery (part + labour) from HK$904 up