Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Service

At Mercedes-Benz, we understand the importance of a safe and comfortable journey to drivers. That is why we offer Maintenance Service Plan to keep your vehicle at optimum condition.

Maintenance service includes “Service A” and “Service B”. Please follow the service indicator light to conduct service session once every 12 months or for every 12,000 kilometres1 travelled to ensure the best care for your Mercedes in the most efficient manner.

1Whichever comes first

Maintenance Service Package Offer

Purchase a maintenance service package for 4 or 6 times to enjoy up to 30% off discount!

4-times service package

Service scope:
  • Service A x 2 sessions
  • Service B x 2 sessions
Special offer:
  • Get 20% off discount upon purchase

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6-times service package

Service scope:
  • Service A x 3 sessions
  • Service B x 3 sessions
Special offer:
  • Get 30% off discount upon purchase

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Weekend Express Maintenance Service

We understand the importance of personal time, as such, our Weekend Express Service4 ensures that your vehicle is ready in 80 minutes3 so that you can spend the rest of your break on what you enjoy most.

Weekend Express Maintenance Service is available every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday at our Mercedes-Benz Authorised Service Centre.

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3If no repair is required
4Advance booking required

Top reasons for choosing Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Service

  1. The Genuine XENTRY diagnostic system effectively diagnose your vehicle in depth
  2. Professional technicians who are trained by Mercedes-Benz to service models from any year.
  3. Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts guaranteed
  4. Officially authorised maintenance helps ensure resale value
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