The new EQA.

The electric athlete in the compact car segment.

The EQC.

Electric Intelligence.

One-for-one replacement scheme for electric car

If your current vehicle is eligible for the One-for-One Replacement Scheme, the total amount in tax concessions* will be extended to HK$287,500.
*Information on the One-for-One Replacement Scheme from the Transport Department shall prevail

Mercedes me connect

Made for you: the new Mercedes me connect services.
Mercedes me connect digitally connects you to your Mercedes-Benz; you can control and monitor your car remotely to lock, unlock or check the vehicle data. Set up the Valet Protect or Speed Alert just a simple touch of a button on your mobile phone

On the road to sustainability

From 2022, all Mercedes-Benz plants worldwide will only purchase electricity from renewable energy sources. A remarkable milestone to sustainability.