The Vito.

Great number of variants & flexibility.
You have to be able to spread out to feel really good. That is why the Vito, with its standard or long vehicle length variants, can match your individual space requirements outstandingly well. Your passengers will enjoy superb spaciousness in the passenger compartments, which were designed with roominess in mind. Vito also comes with 3-seater, 5-seater and 6-seater for your selection. The spacious load compartment can hold almost any amount of cargo.
Exemplary safety that you can trust.
The Vito shows the way: with its pioneering safety systems, it not only increases safety for you, your passengers and your cargo, but also for other road users. And this safety comes as standard – thanks to such innovative systems as the Crosswind Assist or ATTENTION ASSIST as well as the latest-generation ADAPTIVE ESP® Electronic Stability Program.

Highlighting below is the features of Vito, it offers you the top class of safety and joyful driving experience.

Highlighted features

Thanks to BlueTEC technology, Vito complies with the demanding Euro-6 emissions standard.

2 wheelbase & varies vehicle lengths (Standard/ Long) options

2 sliding doors with electric switch, passenger will be more convenient and safe*

3-point seat belts for all seats as standard

Crosswind Assist function helps to prevent lateral displacement in the event of gusty side wind.

Vito Engine Price starting from
Vito 114 (Standard/ 3-seater) L4 diesel engine/ 2,143c.c / 136hp HK$ 294,000
Vito 114 (Long/ 3-seater) HK$ 299,000
Vito 114 (Standard/ 5-seater) HK$ 317,000
Vito 114 (Long/ 5-seater) HK$ 322,000
Vito 114 (Standard/ 6-seater) HK$ 315,700
Vito 114 (Long/ 6-seater) HK$ 320,700
Vito 116 (Standard/ 5-seater) L4 diesel engine/ 2,143c.c / 163hp HK$333,500#
Vito 116 (Long/ 5-seater) HK$338,400#
Vito 116 (Standard/ 6-seater) HK$332,300#
Vito 116 (Long/ 6-seater) HK$337,200#
Vito 119 (Standard/ 5-seater) L4 diesel engine/ 2,143c.c / 190hp HK$425,800#
Vito 119 (Long/ 6-seater) HK$435,800#

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*Only for Vito 116 & Vito 119
#Price has included tax Incentives for Environment-friendly Commercial Vehicles

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